Carrie Greiner

Carrie Greiner

High School Teacher

Master’s Degree, Curriculum and Instruction, Doane University; Bachelor’s Degree, English, Spanish, and International Studies, Northwest Missouri State University

Carrie Greiner is a high school social studies teacher at Iowa Connections Academy®. She teaches U.S. History, Cultural Geography, and Freshman Success. Learn more about Ms. Greiner below:

Why I Became a Teacher

My path to education began as a substitute teacher. I started substituting as a part-time job out of college and quickly realized that’s where my passion and talents lie. After three years of full-time substitute teaching, I decided to go back to school and get a teaching degree. My decision to teach social studies comes from a passion for history. Social studies classes are fun because you get to teach students how to think critically.

The Online School Experience at Iowa Connections Academy

I love the flexibility and personalization the school offers students. There’s a strong sense of familial ties at Iowa Connections Academy. Veteran teachers look out for new teachers; returning families help beginning families; and students know their teachers care about them. Online settings require everyone to be more intentional about communication and as a result, no one feels as if they’re being left behind.

I love that teachers are able to get to know not just the individual student but also their entire family. As a result, teachers, students, and families can cultivate relationships and work together on accomplishing goals. It eliminates the disconnect that can sometimes exist between the instructor and the pupil.

I’ve heard many stories from families about what brought them to Iowa Connections Academy. Their gratefulness and appreciation that this program exists is inspiring. I want to serve students to the best of my ability.

— Ms. Greiner

The Benefits of K‒12 Online Learning

Our high school students learn efficacy. They demonstrate intrinsic motivation, high levels of productivity, and a strong work ethic. Students also learn to advocate for themselves. They learn how to ask questions; when to ask questions; and, most importantly, who they can go to for help. Students from Iowa Connections Academy can use these skills in whatever career they choose after graduation.

Message for Families Interested in Online School

Online learning can be new and daunting for parents, but Iowa Connections Academy has been in the business for years. We are the experts, and we’re going to make the experience a positive one for you and your family.