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Online Middle School in Iowa

The On-Ramp to Success

Middle school is an exciting time for students at Iowa Connections Academy (IACA), as these are the years when they become more independent in their studies and learn to take more responsibility and initiative. At IACA, our program helps students come to realize their own potential and recognize the endless possibilities open to them.

Where Learning Coaches took more of an active role in the elementary years, in middle school, they fill more of a supportive role, allowing students to take the lead in their own education. In our middle school program, students are expected to meet high standards as they proceed toward high school.

Middle School Curriculum Content

Support for Online Middle School Students

While middle school students begin working directly with teachers who are highly qualified in their specific subject area, they remain in the care of either a school counselor or advisory teacher for added guidance and support. With access to teacher-led instruction and reviews through LiveLessonⓇ sessions, students can work more with their peers and receive specific instructional assistance.

Course Electives and Activities

At Iowa Connections Academy, middle school students are exposed to a variety of different subjects in addition to a broad range of elective courses and school clubs and activities. Students have the opportunity to compete in the Mathematical Olympiad, write for the school blog, and participate in a variety of other activities not typically available to homeschool students.

Gifted students have access to high school courses, giving them a head start on earning high school credit while keeping them challenged and excited to learn.


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