Dawn Mitchell

Counseling Services, Last Names A-K

BA, Chemistry, Indiana State University; BS, Science Education, Indiana State University; MS, School Counseling, Indiana State University

Dawn Mitchell is a school counselor at Indiana Career Connections Academy (INCC). Ms. Mitchell started at INCC in July 2018. She previously worked in a brick-and-mortar school for nineteen years and has been impressed by the virtual school experience and the ease with which students and parents can schedule individualized time with staff, communicating by phone, live online sessions or WebMail.

Ms. Mitchell says, “I became an educator because I had some very caring, creative educators who offered challenges that fed my thirst for learning. My admiration for those teachers evolved into a passion to become an educator myself so that I could give my own students that same feeling of success. As a school counselor at INCC, I can offer support to students from across the state who have a variety of personal and academic needs.

The students at INCC have been fantastic! They are encouraged by the flexible nature of the program, and their caretakers are able to be more involved in their student’s education. This team approach benefits everyone involved.

The best part of my job is getting to know my students. Many have incredible talents and unique situations, and I am very proud to be a part of a program that recognizes the value in personalizing education to fit students’ unique needs. INCC helps prepare students for a bright future because so much of our world is now in a virtual setting. Our students are becoming more advanced in their computer skills, learning to prepare and transfer documents, following an online student planner, attending LiveLesson® sessions—all things they will likely experience in their future job or college experience. Our career-focused courses give students insight into a variety of fields in order to help them make an informed decision regarding their future. They also benefit from a flexible schedule that allows them to pursue additional training, hobbies, events, or employment opportunities.”

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