Chandre Sanchez

Executive Director

BA, Education, English Concentration, Indiana University Bloomington; MS, Indiana Wesleyan University; Building Level Administration Program, Marian University

Chandre Sanchez began her journey with Connections Academy® in 2014. She became an educator because she absolutely loves learning and watching others succeed. She believes the most amazing work is being able to share this passion with students.

“Hands down, since the beginning of my career almost 20 years ago, my favorite part of being an educator is graduation day. I love being part of that day for each and every student. Our students at Connections Academy are amazing, intelligent, creative, and unique kids,” she says.

Ms. Sanchez believes that online school offers many distinct advantages for students. “Connections Academy is different from a brick-and-mortar setting because we can reach students more regularly, have more time to ‘drill down’ on discrete skills, and tailor the learning experience to students who need or ask for it.

“We also have the ability to provide some privacy for the learning journey. In the traditional classroom, students can experience awkwardness, nervousness, and, at times—sadly— embarrassment, because they are surrounded by their peers. In our classrooms, the teacher is able to create an environment where it is smaller and a bit anonymous in that students are not physically present in the same room. Teachers and students also can have the opportunity to work one on one; whereas in the brick-and-mortar school, this most likely occurs after/before school.

We believe in school community immensely. We have an ‘open door’ policy and work to ensure someone is always reachable and ready for anything our families may need. We also have student-led organizations and clubs, like National Honor Society (both high school and middle school chapters) as well as Student Council. And we all love and respect the work we do.

At Connections Academy, we believe in high expectations, rigorous and accessible curriculum, and learning support for all students. Our role is to help students realize their highest potential. Engage! Achieve! Graduate!”