Field Trips of Our Indiana Career Virtual High School

Bringing Lessons and Friendships to Life

Indiana Connections Career Academy (INCC) virtual school offers field trips throughout the year that are both educational and fun. From the natural wonders of the Indiana Dunes to frontier life in historic Vincennes, Indiana’s rich historic, cultural, and natural resources are part of the curriculum at INCC.

Community coordinators, parents, and teachers arrange trips to venues such as museums, historic sites, botanical gardens, and state parks. There are even non-school-related outings like picnics, roller skating, and more!

The field trips of our Indiana virtual school are excellent opportunities to meet other parents, students, and teachers face-to-face, but they also provide an opportunity to round out the virtual school experience in real-world ways. Through field trips, students learn life lessons that build upon their course lessons while also making meaningful connections with their peers.

Exploring College and Beyond

INCC offers field trips to businesses, colleges and universities, and college/trade school fairs, so high school students may explore and prepare for the future. And in the senior year, students gain real-world workforce experience through internships, externships and other partnerships.

Students who wish to join the Career Club learn about potential careers and explore fields that interest them, while the College Planning Club guides high school students through the college preparation and admissions process.

Learn about the College Club and the Career Planning Club