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The Role of Parental Involvement

At Indiana Connections Career Academy (INCC), online school parents have the opportunity to serve as personal, face-to-face Learning Coaches by supporting their students’ day-to-day activities. We suggest that the Learning Coach assist by helping students establish and manage the daily routine. Our handy online scheduling tool makes it easy to schedule lessons for each subject and combine family and school activities. The Learning Coach also helps monitor attendance and ensures that the student attends state examinations as required.

In addition, the Learning Coach may stay in touch with the student’s teachers by phone, WebMail (the secure internal messaging system) messages, and online meetings. Your student’s teacher will contact you early in the school year to discuss how you can work together to help your student reach his or her potential.

Take the Lead

In grades 9–11, online students start to really take charge of their education—setting goals, working independently, and exploring their future options.

Learning Coaches have the opportunity to encourage their students’ growing independence in many ways:

  • Commit one to two hours per day to overseeing schoolwork
  • Verify that lessons and assignments are completed
  • Communicate with teachers, referring students to teachers for help when needed
  • Attend regular teacher conferences

Complete Training and Support

Our online orientation program helps the Learning Coach understand the many ways he or she can choose to support student learning. It also introduces all the resources and support systems made available to help the Learning Coach and student succeed. Connections Academy offers Learning Coach Central, an online resource, that's available to Learning Coaches 24/7. The Learning Coach can also call a toll-free number to speak with a technical support representative. This support is available for both installation and troubleshooting.

You’ll also find support available from your student’s teacher, school staff, and other families.

Local Family Involvement Coordinators

Parents may also get involved by serving as local Family Involvement Coordinators, working with teachers to create opportunities for special projects and field trips with other students and parents throughout the year.