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Indiana Online High School from Home

From any location in the state of Indiana, students all over have access to the high-quality tuition-free virtual public school education offered by Indiana Connections Career Academy (INCC). INCC is a Connections Academy®-supported school. Connections Academy is a division of Connections Education, which is accredited by Cognia, formerly AdvancED.

Authorized by Ball State University

Authorized by Ball State University, the school is operated through a contract with Connections Education, LLC, to provide its educational program and other services. The school is governed by an independent board of directors, Indiana Online Learning Options, Inc., and all board meetings are open to the public. Please review our scheduled meeting dates, agendas, and information about how to attend a meeting or make a request for public records.

Our Mission

The mission of Indiana Connections Career Academy is to prepare students for employment in a chosen career and/or to further their skills at a postsecondary institution, through rigorous academic coursework, supportive personalized learning, a continuum of career explorations, and relevant work experiences aligned to the unique workforce development needs of Indiana.

The Virtual School Experience

Teachers, staff, and parents alike all share a common goal: to make sure our students become confident, productive, and successful adults. Our virtual school program allows our students to build upon their own individual strengths in a safe setting that also allows access to a larger community. At INCC, our mission is to provide our students with the necessary opportunities to prepare them for a successful future career while earning your high school diploma.

Following are some driving forces behind our approach:

Pathways to Employability

Indiana Connections Career Academy supports students with workforce and career readiness activities, academic and career counseling, CTE programs, and opportunities for real-world experience.

Exceptional Teachers

At INCC, our teachers are passionate, talented, certified, and trained specially to excel in teaching within a virtual environment. Our teachers genuinely care about our students and believe in the value of one-on-one instruction in the classroom. Students also have access to full-time certified school counselors with knowledge in academic and career counseling, who play a huge role in career prep and career education activities.

Individual Attention

Every student is different, and it’s important to appeal to a student’s unique abilities to help him or her truly be successful in school. Connections Academy’s Personalized Performance Learning®approach caters exactly to this, allowing our teachers to get to know their students well and really understand their learning styles, interests, and individual skills. This makes it possible to push students when needed and support them as necessary.

Parent-Supported Learning

In our virtual school environment, parents are encouraged to play an integral role in the education of their students, taking on the role of Learning Coach. This role gives them the ability to see their student’s progress each day while working together with teachers to make sure their student is thriving. For many of our parents, this in-depth involvement in their student’s education is one of the most gratifying aspects of our program.

Easy-to-Use Technology

Connections Academy’s user-friendly system, Connexus®, Connections Academy’s user-friendly system, students have access to their education wherever an iInternet connection is found, and parents can easily access grades and schedule lessons as needed.

Socialization, Community, and Friendships

Thanks to programs like LiveLesson® sessions, our students can regularly interact online with their teachers and other students in a virtual classroom setting, giving them the opportunity to compare experiences, share ideas, and enjoy a fun learning environment. INCC also offers several other opportunities for students to interact, including field trips, in-person gatherings, and activities. Plus, the flexibility of an online classroom means students have more time to participate in extracurricular activities within their own community and have access to Connections Academy’s clubs.

Annual Performance Summary

Each year, INCC is asked to provide a report on information such as enrollment, attendance rate, statewide assessments and more. View the Annual Performance Report or visit the Indiana Department of Education's website for more information.