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Indiana Online Elementary School

Elementary school education is critical in setting the tone for future learning and therefore can often play an important role in building a foundation for success in the years beyond schooling. At Indiana Connections Academy (INCA), we are proud to provide a free online elementary school program that helps students in grades K–5 foster a love of learning by introducing them to the basics of core subject areas in an enticing, engaging, and encouraging manner. Furthermore, by focusing on the fundamentals like reading, writing, science, math, and social studies, students are able to develop the skills, resources, and interests they need to have successful futures.

The Gifted and Talented Program

Along with offering free courses in beginning subject areas, INCA strives to provide students with additional programs that meet the various needs of our students. With the Talented and Gifted (TaG) program, qualified students in grades 3–5 can have access to advanced areas of studies that further challenge them and help them expand on skills, knowledge, and talents.

"Best of Class" Materials

INCA provides parents with the engaging texts, innovative lesson plans, and hands-on materials needed to help their students launch a successful educational career from the comfort of their own homes. Our "best of class" materials are created by the leading educational publishers and curriculum experts.

Connections Academy's curriculum experts have developed some printed content for students in younger grades to help them engage in hands-on material that teaches basic concepts, study skills, and more. By supplementing these materials with more online content as students navigate the virtual elementary school, INCA is able to keep students increasingly engaged as their knowledge base expands.

Elementary Curriculum Content

As INCA’s sample lessons outline, courses cover a variety of subjects—everything from science to physical fitness. INCA supplements these core subjects with exciting electives, activities, and clubs to help students build a solid educational foundation.

Furthermore, by working with various academic partners in areas of educational publishing and instruction, INCA is able to provide students across all grade levels with new, top-quality texts, materials, and online content.

Course Electives and Activities

By pairing elementary course electives and activities with proven, structured lessons, INCA gives young students have the tools and resources needed to have an effective and remarkable educational experience. Request more information today!


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