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Pearl Suttles

INCA student Pearl running

Pearl is an elementary school student at Indiana Connections Academy (INCA). She lives with her family in southern Indiana. With INCA, Pearl enjoys learning and thinks school is “cool.” Pearl’s mom shares her story below.

“Pearl’s teacher at INCA has been very caring. She makes sure that Pearl is learning to the best of her ability. Pearl is proud to tell everyone where she goes to school and how cool it is. She is involved in Math Club and Pen Pal Club and even took sign language this year!

Before we started with INCA, Pearl had been really hesitant about this ‘different’ type of schooling. When all of her friends were talking about going to traditional school, she was sad that she wasn’t going to get to do things like ride the bus. However, after her first year, she discovered that she loved the fact that she doesn’t get on a bus every day.

The more flexible schedule at INCA makes it easier for Pearl to participate in soccer, summer ball, and gymnastics. Although she does all these activities, her passion is truly soccer. She is an outdoorsy kid through and through and enjoys days when we can take school outside.

We have taken several field trips this year, some of which were school-sponsored, like the one to the Children’s Museum of Evansville and others that were parent-initiated. In October, we went to a farm where we traveled through a corn maze, met some cool cattle, and picked a pumpkin straight from the patch. Pearl also went to Native American Days at Angel Mounds, where she got to make a corn-husk doll, dance at a powwow, and observe people demonstrating many Native American arts, crafts, and tools.”

Pearl says, “I love school. I like being able to be at home with my mom and my sister. I really like art because I get to do a lot of really cool projects. Plus, I just love to do art! I also really like math. It is my second favorite. My teacher is the best in the world! I love her!”

I love school. I like to be able to be at home with my mom and my sister.
— Pearl