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Erika Hammond

INCA student Erika Hammond

Erika is a graduate of Indiana Connections Academy (INCA). She is from Greenwood, Indiana. With INCA, Erika was able to work at a pace that she felt comfortable with and succeed at a high level while recovering from illness. Read more about Erika’s experience attending INCA.

"My name is Erika, and I am a graduate of INCA. What interested me about INCA was the fact that I could learn at my own pace and not feel pressured if I didn’t get something or had to be out of school. I had cancer almost three years ago, and, because of that, I got behind in school and my grades were awful. I put so much pressure on myself to try to keep up that it was actually making my health worse; I started passing out and having tremors due to the stress. INCA allowed me to put my health first, and I didn’t feel pressured to keep up with my peers, which allowed me to understand and grasp what I learned better than at a traditional school. As a result, my health is a whole lot better.

At INCA I enjoyed learning again. I went from making C’s and D’s to being on the A-B Honor Roll and becoming a member of the National Honor Society. The subject I enjoyed most was history. I love learning about different countries and time periods. However, what I am most passionate about is dolphins. I have collected dolphin figurines ever since I was little, and I even have one from England. I also love spending time with my family and friends."

I loved INCA because of how helpful and interested the teachers were in my success. Also, the school fit my time schedule and allowed me to learn at my own pace.
— Erika