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Jill Hamilton

INSPIRE parent Jill and her family

As a proponent of charter schools, Jill had the opportunity to understand the virtual school model prior to enrolling her two sons. This experience has given her a unique perspective, both as a parent and as an administrator. Jill is on the Board of Directors for INSPIRE, the Idaho Connections Academy, and her two older sons graduated from the program. Below is her story.

“I am a stay-at-home mom of four, Andrew, Gregory, Lucas, and Claire. I worked for three years at a charter school and became an advocate for the charter school idea. I joined the Board of Directors at INSPIRE, and the more I learned about the school, the more I thought it was the perfect place for my two older boys. Traditional school had become difficult for both of them. Andrew was feeling overwhelmed, and Gregory was not getting all of the help he needed with his learning disability.

The thing I love most at INSPIRE are the teachers. I have never had teachers take such a personal interest in my children before. My son Gregory struggled in the past and was not getting the help he needed in his bricks-and-mortar school. At INSPIRE, he had a special education teacher who worked with him, understood him, and helped him feel like he had someone in his corner. Andrew has always been somewhat quiet, and approaching teachers at school was somewhat difficult for him. With INSPIRE, that was not a problem. Not only could he always get a hold of his teachers, but he also had actually gotten to know them pretty well, and he felt like they really cared about him. I couldn’t be happier with our experience!

INSPIRE’s program is designed to instill a love of learning in students. Prior to enrolling at INSPIRE, Andrew was struggling with his required homework, having four to five hours of homework every night. At INSPIRE, Andrew was given an individualized learning plan. Each morning, he knew what schoolwork was required of him, and he could complete it on his own schedule. No more hours upon hours of homework! INSPIRE was, without a doubt, the best choice for us. It has been great for my sons!”

The thing I loved most about INSPIRE are the teachers. I have never had teachers take such a personal interest in my children before.
— Jill