Tiffany Ellison

Math Department Chair

MA, Teaching, Middle Grades Math and Science, Mercer University; MBS, Biopsychology, Oglethorpe University

Tiffany Ellison began teaching in 2008 and joined Connections Academy in 2014. She teaches High School Mathematics (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Foundations of Algebra) for grades 6–12.

Why I Became a Teacher

I’m a lifelong learner. I love to help others learn and grow, especially in mathematics. I decided to become a teacher after working for 3 years at Oglethorpe University in the business office. I wanted to find a job that combined my passion for coaching and my love for mathematics. I love working with students and helping them to believe in themselves.

I am a lifelong learner. I love to help others learn and grow, especially in mathematics.

— Ms. Ellison

The Online School Experience at Georgia Connections Academy

I love teaching at GACA because I can work with so many hardworking and unique students. I love being able to teach my students in LiveLesson®. I love building relationships with them through phone calls and field trips. I have been able to build very strong relationships with my students and families. I love teaching at GACA because it allows me to have a flexible workday to help as many students as possible. In a brick-and-mortar school, I was limited to the bell schedule and to helping only the students who were assigned to my classroom each period. Here at Georgia Connections Academy, I feel like I am making an impact on so many more lives.

I foster student engagement through relationship building. I like to spend time getting to know my students in the Online Classroom and through phone calls. I can then use this information in my lessons to help my students relate to mathematical concepts. I also like to get to know my students in LiveLesson® sessions so that they can make connections with one another and me.

The Benefits of K-12 Online Learning

Georgia Connections Academy helps students learn to be organized and self-motivated learners. You also learn that it is important to better yourself and that you are capable of more than you think. Students at Georgia Connections Academy learn to discover who they are, and they are accepting of others. All these skills are important for a bright and successful future.

Message for Prospective Families Choosing Online School

It is important to support your child with organization, motivation, and discipline especially in the beginning until you both learn what works for them. If you or your child need help do not hesitate to ask.

Hobbies and Interests

I like to play tennis and do DIY projects around the house. I love to go to the beach whenever I can.