Image of Ms. Wasylik

Deborah Wasylik

Middle School Science Teacher

Bachelor’s Degree, Graduated Cum Laude in Biology, Grove City College (PA); Certification with Research Distinction in STEM Education (while serving as a NASA Endeavor Fellow), Teachers College of Columbia University (NY); Master’s Degree, Master of Education in STEM Curriculum from NASA, Adams State University (CO)

Deborah Wasylik started teaching in 1997 and joined Coastal Connections Academy in 2021. She currently teaches sixth- and seventh-grade science and has been a National Board-Certified teacher in AYA Science specializing in biology since 2003. Ms. Wasylik previously taught honors biology, ecology, environmental science, marine science, anatomy and physiology, botany, zoology, and AP®* environmental science.

Why I Became a Teacher

I spent 20 years in business prior to entering the world of education. I fell in love with the world of education after we moved from Pennsylvania to Florida and I began my teaching career. My favorite part of this job is getting students as excited about science as I am by using a variety of different instructional techniques.

My efforts in the classroom have been recognized by two presidents. I was honored by President Bush with the Presidential Award of Excellence in Science as the top science teacher in the State of Florida in 2003, and by the EPA and President Obama in 2011-12 with the Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators the very first year the award was given.  

I have had the pleasure of seeing many of my students go on to pursue science-related vocations, which is very rewarding, and I hope that will always continue.

The Online School Experience at Coastal Connections Academy

One of the things I love about teaching online is the security that is assured for both students and teachers. I get to facilitate an excellent curriculum from my home with students who are also at home.

Every week, students come to LiveLesson® sessions where we cover material in a video conference, which allows students to interact with me and their peers in real-time. I always open with a higher-level-thinking riddle to develop their critical-thinking skills and scientific habits of mind, and I love hearing their creative questions as they work together to find the answer. A favorite competition as we prepare for tests is Kahoot!, where students vie to appear on the winner’s platform.

“I’ve had the pleasure of seeing many students pursue science-related vocations, which is very rewarding. I hope that always continues!”

— Ms. Wasylik

Message for Families Considering Online School

Having spent so many years in bricks-and-mortar schools, I wasn’t sure if I would feel as connected with my students, but the Pearson Online program allows plenty of contact with them. Parents have complete access to what their students are learning, and they have a team of the best educators I have ever worked with to help them on their academic journey.

In addition to our LiveLesson® sessions, we have small groups  and drop-in sessions on a regular basis. Students also have the opportunity to take part in many Pearson-sponsored clubs, as well as occasional in-person field trips.

*AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.