Students who are excited to learn get more out of learning. At Coastal Connections Academy, our online public charter school won’t just teach your child. We’ll teach your child in a way that engages their mind and sparks their interests.
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Learning is personal. So is Coastal Connections Academy.

We strive to understand every student fully. Dreamers, thinkers, budding poets and tomorrow’s scientists—we work to give them all exactly what they need to master new knowledge today and gain the skills and confidence to adapt to the world ahead.

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Meeting State Requirements

With any education-related decision, Florida state requirements and standards are important factors that should not go overlooked. Learn more about our online public school program approval & accreditation.

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Guiding Students to a Bright Future

Our curriculum meets Florida state standards. And it expands both academic and emotional understanding so that students are ready to take on the world—no matter what the future holds.

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Helping Brilliance Shine Bright

If your K-5 online student needs to be challenged to learn their best, our advanced classes, accelerated programs and wide range of electives can excite their minds and take them far. Our gifted program offers a wide variety of opportunities for highly motivated students to pursue their strengths and passions.

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Providing Support While Building Independence

With the right connection with online school teachers and counselors, every student can make strides toward a great future. If your child needs an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 plan, we’re here for you.

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Preparing Students for Future Success

Whether your student has dreams of university quads or saving lives as a firefighter, our college and career counseling services will help prepare your student for whatever's next.

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Supporting Students Through Graduation

We make it a priority to ensure every student is prepared for graduation by providing in-depth support to online high school students to understand Florida’s graduation requirements and are well prepared for life after high school.

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