Science and Technology Clubs

Two young boy students having a scientific experiment with mom's help

Robotics Club

Robotics Club guides students through the exciting world of robots. Students define what a robot is (and what it isn’t!), study the myths that surround robots, examine how robots are used in movies and stories, and consider how robots assist humans. Experts in the field of robotics help students learn more about artificial intelligence and what the future holds for humans and machines.

Students focus on the origins, applications, and latest trends in robotics and learn how robots are built and controlled. They then move to exciting group challenges where they try to make a robot successfully complete a task. No previous computer coding experience is required, and no materials are required for participation. The Robotics Club is open to students in grades Kindergarten–5.

Participation in tournaments and use of LEGO® Mindstorms robot kits occurs at some schools but is not a part of the Connections Education Robotics Club managed by the Student Experience team.

Science in the Kitchen Club

The student’s kitchen doubles as a laboratory where he or she will conduct safe, simple experiments, then discuss them online with fellow students. Students complete a variety of hands-on experiments exploring density, buoyancy, color, light, plants, and pressure. As experiments are completed, students post their findings on our online Message Boards. Throughout the year, students will learn the importance of each experiment and its impact on modern-day life. The Science in the Kitchen Club is open to students in grades Kindergarten–5.