Florida Virtual Instruction Program Required Disclosures

Curriculum and Program Information

Policies and Procedures

Instructional Personnel

Hours and Times of Availability of Instructional Personnel

Teachers are available to students and their families from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday during school days as specified in the school calendar. (The school calendar is included in the School Handbook Supplement.) During these hours, they are available via WebMail (an internal email system) and telephone. They also conduct LiveLesson ® (lessons conducted in real-time over the Internet) sessions. All voicemail and WebMail messages are returned within 24 hours when they are received Monday through Thursday. Messages received on Friday will be returned the following Monday during the school calendar. Teachers grade online student work within 24 hours of completion, and portfolio items within one week on the same basis as stated above. Students have 24/7 access to their grades and teacher comments on their school work through the grade book in Connexus® (the education management system).

Students and their families may also visit the administrative offices in Orlando during these hours to meet with their teachers in person if they wish.

Student/Teacher Ratios

Core Courses

Elementary School (grades K–5): The average student/teacher ratio for elementary school core courses is 52:1. Teachers have an average of 52 students assigned to them as students in these grades have the same teacher for all of their core courses.


Music (grades K–5): The average student/teacher for music is 35:1. Teachers have an average of 190–200 students assigned to them.

Foreign Language (grades K–5): The average student/teacher ratio for foreign language is 26:1. Teachers have an average of 190-200 students assigned to them.

Art and Physical Education (K–5): Both Art and Physical Education are primarily self-directed courses with instruction embedded in the course. Students track their activities, and their activity reports are reviewed and graded by the teacher. Therefore, the average student teacher ratio for Art and Physical Education is not relevant, but if it was calculated in a similar manner to other courses, it would be about 400:1.

Student Completion & Promotion Rates

Student, Educator, and School Performance Accountability Outcomes

Student Performance Data

Educator Performance Data (FCA grades K–5)

For the 2016–17 school year, 100% of teachers had satisfactory or better evaluations. Forty percent (40%) of the teacher evaluation was based on student performance. Of the teachers/staff who left during the year or at the end of the year, eighteen (18) left involuntarily. Sixteen (16) teachers left for reasons such as: family or medical, relocation, career change, career advancement, not good fit for virtual environment. The total teacher/staff turnover rate for 2016–17 was approximately 23.7%.