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Individualized Instruction Program

Students tend to learn best when lessons are designed to match their abilities and interests. At Florida Connections Academy (FCA), our mission is to help each of our students maximize their own potential and meet the highest standards of performance through programs uniquely individualized for each student.

At FCA, each of our students is given individualized instruction through lessons tailored to fit their academic strengths in addition to their weaknesses. This is what we call the Personalized Performance Learning® (PPL) approach; it’s a process that begins with the evaluation of each student’s needs and strengths. Counselors and teachers then develop a focused, individualized approach specifically for each student to complement the curriculum.

Timely Intervention

Teachers are able to personalize instructional strategies, offer useful resources, and provide helpful ways to practice skills as necessary. Teachers may arrange to work one-on-one with a student, or even in a small group to make sure every student receives the personal attention they need to work hard, do their best, and achieve their goals.

Collaborating to Provide Even Greater Support

At FCA, our teachers work closely together and speak regularly, sharing tips, teaching methods, best practices, and more to help each other constantly improve. For students working with more than one teacher, these teachers can work together to coordinate and be sure they are meeting the personal needs of that student in the most effective way.

Connected to Students and Families

Teachers at FCA build strong bonds with their students, getting to know not just their students well, but the entire family. These unique relationships allow our teachers to make life-changing connections with their students that can last a lifetime.