Time for School Unit Introduction

Time for School


Welcome to Social Studies 1. I love school

Click on the link below to listen to the song "We Go to School."

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Why do we go to school?

Key Words

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  • flag
  • rule
  • school
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You will
  • Learn why children attend school

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Ask your Learning Coach to print out the Unit 1 Vocabulary Cards.

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Lesson Guide


Topic: Unit Preview


• Preview unit
• Read pages 1–7 in the All Together textbook


 Quick Check

Listen to the song "We Go to School" with your student.


Before you start the unit, take time to introduce the vocabulary terms in the unit to increase your student’s familiarity with the terms.

Print out the Unit 1 vocabulary cards and help your student to cut them out. Create two piles—words he already knows and words he needs to learn. Turn the cards over and read the definition with your student.

Ask him to tell you what he knows about the terms. Create a word wall on a bulletin board or keep the words nearby as a reference throughout the unit.


Read pages 4–5 in the All Together textbook with your student. Ask him to look at the picture to find the following things: school, flag, group, country, and rule.

How is the school in the picture the same as the place where you learn? How is it different? The school in the picture is a big building with many rooms. There are many people in the building. Your student may point out some of the things in the school that you have at home: flag, desks, globes, or maps. The students are in the same room as the teacher in the picture. He may point out that he is working with you and has a teacher in another building.

Look at the picture. Use your imagination to tell a story about something that is happening at the school.
If your student needs a prompt to develop a story, give an example of a possible story opener based on one of the rooms. George paid for his lunch and looked around the cafeteria for a place to eat. Or: All of the children followed the library rules, but all of the sudden... Prompt your student to think creatively about what might happen next. Use the vocabulary words in the story. You may wish to alternate sentences with your student to keep the story moving.