Aztec Creation Story

The Literature of the Americas


Elements of a Creation Story

A creation story, also known as a creation myth, is a story that explains or describes the beginning of a life, humanity, or universe. These stories will often include the exploits of a cultural hero or a god or gods that is or are worshipped by a culture. The hero or god in the story will have the values of the author of the story or the society that is represented by the character.

Common elements of a creation story include the following:
  • The theme of birth – Birth can represent a new life or even the beginning of a society or universe.
  • A supreme being, god, or deity – This being or beings usually starts the events of the story that will create the new life, society, or universe.
  • Values represented by the author or culture – The hero or supreme being in a creation myth will represent the strong values of a culture, society, or person.