How Do Living Things Change As They Grow?

Plants and Animals


A mother hen and chicks walk through the grass.
  1. Look at the Flash Cards.

    mouse icon Flash Cards

  2. Look at the picture. Read the Big Question.

    mouse icon How do living things change as they grow?

  3. write icon What else grows and changes?

Lesson Guide (Coaching Guide)
  1. Use the online flash cards to preview the key words and definitions with your student.
  2. Have your student look at the image and discuss the Big Question for this unit: How do living things change as they grow? Talk about what the student sees in the picture. Ask her the following questions: What are the animals in the picture? How are the babies and the parents alike and different? What differences do you notice between the baby and the adult? Be sure to discuss how the babies look a lot like the grown alligator. What else can you think of that grows and changes?
  3. Have your student use her science notebook to record her thoughts about what else she can think of that grows and changes. She may title her page What Grows and Changes? She may record her thoughts using illustrations, lists, labels, and/or sentences. Talk about what she added to her science notebook.

    If necessary, assist your student with recording her information inside her science notebook.