Designed for success, our fully accredited program combines the best online and offline resources from leading education publishers and our own curriculum specialists to deliver a comprehensive, quality K–12 education.

*Some Connections Academy courses are not available in all states.

The Core and More

Our program is a highly effective alternative to a traditional public, private, or homeschool curriculum, designed to equip students with the tools they need to learn successfully from home. With the best resources at their fingertips, Connections Academy students explore and master required core subjects: language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. At each grade level, we go beyond the basics to lay the groundwork for future academic success by:

  • Building a solid foundation in reading, writing and mathematics;
  • Developing lifelong learning and analytical skills; and
  • Encouraging exploration, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

With a broad range of electives, customized learning plans, and courses for the gifted and talented, students of diverse abilities and interests thrive and grow in online schooling.

Feedback Helps Shape the Curriculum

Connections Academy curriculum ratings are higher than ever!

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Students and Learning Coaches rate our courses an average of 4.07 out of five stars.

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