Dezerae Daniels


BA, Secondary Education, Bowling Green State University; MS, Integrated Science; MS, School Counseling, Adams State University

Dezerae Daniels is a school counselor at Colorado Connections Academy. Ms. Daniels started her teaching career in 2007 and joined Colorado Connections Academy in 2015. She holds a bachelor's degree in secondary education from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Ms. Daniels majored in integrated science with a minor in biology and is currently attending Adams State University to earn a master of arts degree in school counseling. She shares her story below.

"I have always enjoyed the sciences, and I became a mentor in the Big Siblings Program when I was in high school. I would go to our local middle school once a week to help students, and I felt very dedicated to the students I was assigned to. Their teachers observed how much I cared about the students and how much I enjoyed helping them succeed academically. They suggested that I become a teacher myself! My own high school teachers supported me in pursuing my future career in education. My physical science teacher helped me apply for colleges and even wrote letters of recommendation for me.

In a traditional bricks-and-mortar school, I never had enough time to give in-depth individualized attention unless I worked with the students after school or during my lunch break. I love teaching at Colorado Connections Academy because I get to spend more time working with students one-on-one. I'm also able to communicate with parents more frequently than I could at a traditional school. So even though we're just talking on the phone or emailing through WebMail, I really get to know the families and I'm able to better support their academic journey.

I love teaching at Colorado Connections Academy because I get to spend more time working with students one-on-one.

— Ms. Daniels

Our school community is so special because every single staff member cares about putting students first and doing what is best for students.

At Colorado Connections Academy, students are more prepared to work in a high-tech society because of the technology tools in the online learning environment. As online students, they will be more prepared for college, since they also have to create their own schedules, manage their own time, and communicate with their teachers in multiple ways.

I would tell prospective parents that if they're willing to be more involved with their students' education and work with our outstanding teachers, who want what is best for their students, then Colorado Connections Academy is the right place for them!"

In her free time, Ms. Daniels enjoys gardening, getting outdoors to exercise (hiking, biking, swimming, jogging), reading young adult novels, and traveling to new and exciting places to learn more about the culture and geography.

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