Victoria Childress

Victoria Childress doing a ballet pose in front of a building

Victoria Childress is a middle school student at Colorado Connections Academy (ColoCA). Victoria previously attended another online school and has been doing very well since switching over to ColoCA. ColoCA has been a great fit for Victoria because she travels frequently for dance and can manage her school schedule around her competitions. Her story is below:

Victoria and her sister were previously homeschooled and attended a brick-and-mortar school, but ultimately they love the flexibility they get with online schooling. Victoria is very passionate about ballet and has been dancing ever since she was a baby. She is inspired by her mom, who was also a dancer, and her big sister, who also competes. Victoria and her sister do Russian-based training with a little contemporary dance mixed in. She currently dances for the International Ballet School and practices thirteen hours a week, which will eventually increase to twenty-five hours a week. On the weekends she dances all day.

For competitions, she has traveled to Europe and competed in Paris. She also competed in New York City and placed in the top one hundred.

Although Victoria’s schedule is busy with dance, she is doing very well at ColoCA and is able to maintain an A–B average. She has a very good relationship with her teachers and loves how they reach out to her and make sure the communication between them is always good. Victoria has grown a lot at ColoCA and has become comfortable advocating for herself. She enjoys figuring out challenges with her teachers. She feels that Connections Academy gives her all the tools and videos necessary to help her succeed academically. As a result, she is a lot more self-sufficient.