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Ryan Miller

Ryan holding his dog and an award

Ryan Miller is a middle school student at Colorado Connections Academy. At Colorado Connections Academy, he is able to work at a pace that suits him without falling behind. Ryan shares his story below.

“I have gone to traditional public and private schools in the past, but Colorado Connections Academy is very different. In the bricks-and-mortar school, there were a lot of kids in my class and I often felt like I got left behind if I did not understand something. In the traditional private school, the class sizes were much smaller, but I felt like I was being held back because I needed to wait for my classmates to catch up. At Colorado Connections, I can now work at my own pace. I enjoy learning, and if I want to do research on a topic from a lesson, I can take the time to explore more.

I have fantastic relationships with my teachers. If I have a question, I know that I can call or email them for help. It is also fun to go on field trips with my teachers because we can get to know each other better. My favorite subjects are social studies and language arts—I like learning about history and reading.

Outside of school, my passions are taekwondo and dog shows. When I got to dog shows, I wake up early to do schoolwork and then do some more at night. If there is Internet access at the show, I can also do schoolwork from there if I have time.

I am a second degree black belt in taekwondo and I love to teach the younger kids. I go almost every night every night, so I get to spend a lot of time with friends. I also get to see some of my friends from Colorado Connections Academy when I go on field trips. Outside of my school friends, my neighborhood friends and I like to play baseball, soccer, basketball, and hockey.”

I love Colorado Connections Academy because I can do schoolwork at a time that works best for me and move ahead in lessons if I’m ready.
— Ryan