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Iolaus Alexander

Iolaus Alexander

Iolaus is a graduate of Colorado Connections Academy from Thornton, Colorado. His sister, Patrice, is also a Connections Academy graduate. Iolaus enjoyed the comfortable learning environment. His mother tells his story below.

"The main reason that we chose Connections Academy is because Iolaus has always been homeschooled. He has never attended a bricks-and-mortar school. For his graduation, we decided that attending an accredited school would be imperative to his future college career. Iolaus really enjoyed doing his schoolwork on the computer and made the honor roll during his first semester at Colorado Connections Academy—that was quite an achievement!

Iolaus makes friends very easily, as he is an easygoing guy. His favorite subject is science because, as he says, ‘I get to do experiments and learn cool stuff.’ His hobbies include philosophy, sketching realistic drawings, and juggling. He also likes to play video games and read graphic novels. Iolaus is fascinated by the stories of the paranormal, which has inspired him to write his own dark superhero graphic novel."

I like Connections Academy because I can do all of my assignments on the computer, and they have really cool field trips.
— Iolaus