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Felicity Florescu

Felicity Florescu

Felicity Florescu is a graduate of Colorado Connections Academy. She lives in Denver, Colorado, with her family. Felicity thrived at ColoCA because learning at home enabled her to work in safety with fewer distractions. She shares her story below, in her own words.

"I was interested in Connections Academy because in a traditional classroom I wasn’t able to concentrate enough on schoolwork. I was easily distracted by kids who didn’t pay attention to the teacher. Sometimes I couldn’t even hear what the teacher said.

My mom was very concerned about my safety. She used to come with me every morning to put me on the school bus. She would also be at the bus station every afternoon, waiting for me to come home. My parents were also concerned about my health. I was catching too many colds from school, and one time when I was in fourth grade, I was so sick with the flu that I missed more than a week of school.

I liked Connections Academy because I didn’t have to go to the bus every morning, and I didn’t have to rush to go from one class to the other. If I didn’t understand something, I could go back and read it again. I could ask my parents or my brother for help, or call or email the teachers from school. I also had LiveLesson® sessions and Teachlet® tutorials that helped me a lot.

Before Connections Academy, my least favorite subjects were math and social studies, but now I don’t have any least favorite subjects. I have really started to like math and social studies.

Outside of school I like to draw and paint. What I like the most is to draw animated characters; I hope I’ll use that skill someday to create an animated movie or video game.

Outside of school, I love animals and playing with my cat, Muffy, and my dog, Sunny. I also like going with my friends and my brother to fun places like The Wildlife Experience and Heritage Square."

I love Colorado Connections Academy because I study when I feel like it, and I have more time to do what I like.
— Felicity