Danya Manyak

Iolaus Alexander

Danya Manyak is a high school student at Colorado Connections Academy (ColoCA). Danya was interested in Connections Academy because he wanted a more flexible schedule that would allow him to train for national skiing competitions. 

Danya is a national level competitive athlete who trains every day during the winter. His family looked into a ski academy but preferred to do it in their own way at home. He can work at his own pace before skiing starts and get a lot of work done. There’s a period at the end of spring term when he can power through the work which has been a very efficient way for him to do schooling. He doesn’t have to sit in a classroom and then go off and do homework, etc. 

The course selection is excellent with honors courses in math, English and science. The courses have been good for him and his interests.  Danya wants to be an author and took a class right away during his first term that focused on writing development. 

He is an exceptional student and independent skier in slope style skiing focused on big jumps and rail features. He started skiing when he was 3 years old and has participated in USASA, winning silver in nationals at 13. Danya will be competing in USSA junior nationals and USASA age group nationals. He’s very intense and passionate about skiing and online school has not impacted his social relationships. Danya stays in touch with free skiers around the country through social media and through trainings. He also has plenty of options for all interactions with ColoCA students.

In the future, Danya will continue to train and compete at the highest level he can achieve. There is a college in the Sierra Nevada Mountains that gives scholarships to free skiers. He hopes to earn a free skiing scholarship and study creative writing and ski at collegiate level.