Caitlynn Parmenter

Caitlyn Schmeiser

Caitlynn Parmenter is a high school student at Colorado Connections Academy (ColoCA). She lives with her family in Hesperus, Colorado. Caitlynn is happy at ColoCA because the school allows her to balance her athletic schedule while receiving a high-quality education. Her mom shares her story below.

"Caitlynn has always wanted to be homeschooled. She has a passion for rodeo competition, but she was missing too many school days. When we learned about ColoCA’s commitment to individual attention, access to certified teachers, and flexible scheduling, we knew we had found the right solution. We enrolled Caitlynn in 2016. She really likes it!

Every morning Caitlynn gets her schoolwork done. She has always loved science; her favorite subject is chemistry. She has good relationships with her teachers and regularly communicates with them through WebMail. Caitlynn also enjoys the interactive LiveLesson sessions.

Later in the day, Caitlynn is free to dedicate the afternoon to riding horses and practicing her rope technique. She started riding horses when she was five years old and started competing when she was nine years old. She does team rope and breakaway. She also participates in middle and high school rodeos, where she does barrel racing, pole bending, and calf roping. Caitlynn frequently travels to New Mexico with several associations, including different Native American "Indian junior rodeos," the Southwest Rodeo Association, Fiesta Days, and Red Ryder.

When she isn’t participating in rodeos, Caitlynn loves reading and spending time with her friends. One of her friends is also a Connections Academy student. They often spend weekends together to practice roping. After graduation, Caitlynn would like to be a traveling nurse, helping people around the world, and go to different places."

Caitlynn is happy at ColoCA because the school allows her to pursue her passion for rodeo participation while getting a high-quality education.
— Caitlynn’s mom