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Online School Counselors

Colorado Connections Academy’s full-time, licensed counselors are dedicated to helping students reach their full potential, assisting with:

  • Academic goal setting, scheduling, and planning
  • Personal and social development
  • Career planning
  • College planning

Helping Students Succeed

With master’s degrees and specialized training in developmental and educational psychology, our online school counselors help students address the personal, social, and academic issues that can affect their success in school and in life.

At Colorado Connections Academy, our virtual school counseling program is built on relationships, so our counselors are readily accessible to students and families—online, in person, and by phone. With the additional support from our national Connections Academy office and its collaborative network of school counselors across the United States, our counseling team brings both individual attention and national expertise to our students and families.

Preparing Students for College and Career

Beyond their daily counseling activities, our counselors offer services designed to help high school students prepare for college and career with:

  • Personal learning plans focusing on postgraduation goals
  • Interactive online LiveLesson® sessions connecting Connections Academy families across the country with real-time information on financial aid and scholarships, college application processes, entrance requirements, and more
  • College test preparation courses for the SAT examinations
  • One-on-one counseling services with seniors to provide resources and assistance with postsecondary planning, including career options, vocational training, and selecting the right college

Nikki Smith

Meet Nikki Smith

Manager of Counseling Services

Nikki Smith is the manager of counseling services at Colorado Connections Academy. Ms. Smith joined the school in 2016 as a school counselor. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Ms. Smith also earned her Master of Counselor Education in School Counseling from Augusta University and is a national certified counselor. She shares her story below:

“I became an educator because of the experiences, both positive and negative, that I had in high school. Those experiences lead me to the passion I now have to help students create a path toward their individual postsecondary goals with compassion, support, and understanding. I believe that all students deserve the same support and dedication, no matter what their goal may be for life after high school.

“I love working with students at Colorado Connections Academy because the population brings a uniqueness to our school more than any other environment. Our students may be here because they felt unsafe in a brick-and-mortar environment. They may want more access to a greater variety of courses, to pursue concurrent enrollment, or they may be a student athlete in need of a more flexible schedule to suit their training. It’s amazing to be part of each of their journeys through such an important time in each of their lives.

“At Colorado Connections Academy, our teachers, counselors, and administrators work hard to connect with students so that we can provide individualized support. We want to make sure that every student knows they have a cheerleader at school and that we’re always in their corner. Because we learn virtually, we are continually creative in how we form and maintain connections with our students and families!”

“We work diligently alongside students and caretakers to ensure that students graduating from Colorado Connections Academy are well-rounded and prepared for the greatness that awaits them.”