Samantha McCain

Samantha McCain


Samantha McCain graduated from California Connections Academy in 2014. She now lives in Valencia, California and is working towards a degree in political science. She joined Connections Academy as a freshman because she was looking for a flexible schedule to accommodate her life as a competitive figure skater. Samantha shares her story below.

“At age seven, I found my passion in life in competitive figure skating. Year after year, the hours required to train my body and keep me conditioned escalated. By the time I was competing on a national scale, I was already partaking in an extended learning program through the school district. However, because of the constant traveling, I needed something that I could take with me wherever I was. That was when online school seemed the most logical.

Connections Academy was the only online program out of the many I experienced that made me feel welcomed from my first log in. The curriculum challenged me to take my academics much more seriously, and it introduced me to advanced studies my previous programs did not offer.

"The teachers at Connections Academy were my winning ticket all throughout high school. Everything felt so personalized."

— Samantha

The teachers at Connections Academy were my winning ticket all throughout high school. Between the informative LiveLesson® sessions, chats on the phone, and meet-ups for field trips, I was able to obtain such a rich learning experience that I never once missed being in a traditional classroom. Everything felt so personalized. The teaching staff as well as the tech support team never had problems answering questions or tending to a concern. On several occasions, I even had separate study plans created for me by teachers to help me with the concepts I was having trouble understanding. Connections Academy also offered a highly organized way of viewing lessons to ensure I stayed on top of my studies and didn’t fall behind.

California Connections Academy helped better prepare me for success after high school by building my confidence, being professional, and teaching me the true art of self-motivation. Without these vital tools, I would be nowhere near where I am today. Currently, I am attending College of the Canyons with a 4.0 GPA. I hope to transfer to UC Berkeley, UCLA, Georgetown, or Stanford, where I intend to obtain a master’s degree in political science with a minor in international relations. I have an incredible interest in diplomacy with the hope of possibly becoming an ambassador for our country. By choosing to stay close to home, I’ve been able to turn my life’s passion into a fulfilling job, where I teach kids to ice skate. Getting to complete the full circle has been such an eye-opening experience. Every day is a new adventure, and I’m enjoying every part of it.”

Samantha McCain