Kevin Bishop

Learning Coach

Kevin Bishop is the parent and Learning Coach of his son William enrolled in California Connections Academy. When he was reviewing online school options, California Connections Academy rose to the top because of its flexibility and status as a publicly funded school. He shares his family’s story below:

“I decided to remove my son, William, from his current school nearest our home and place him in a charter school due to ongoing bullying he was experiencing,” said Kevin. “I began searching for alternatives online and discovered California Connections Academy. A friend of mine had also placed her granddaughter in the school and soon became a great advocate of why the school was a good fit for William. The format of meeting online through regularly scheduled LiveLesson sessions put my mind at ease, knowing that he was still going to have regular interaction and instruction by his teachers without the full burden of his education falling on me.”

For Kevin and his family, flexibility is probably the best selling point of online school. “Knowing that we can adjust William’s schedule for any appointments or other things that come up is such a relief,” he said. “I also enjoy being able to participate in his education, but not having to bear the full responsibility of teaching him, like in a more traditional homeschool environment. Because I telecommute, my schedule is often filled with my work duties, but he is able to work alongside me and request assistance when needed. However, I have to say that the teachers do a fantastic job of educating him and responding to any questions he has.

"California Connections Academy is a fantastic school that allows for flexibility, tailored learning styles, and a robust course curriculum that is not easily attained at a traditional bricks-and-mortar school. I’m certain William’s educational success would have suffered had I not found California Connections Academy."

— Kevin

I can review his grades every day to see how he’s doing, and if I find any lesson that he didn’t fully understand, I’m able to go back and discuss it with him. He remains engaged and has a positive attitude about going to school every day, and to me, that’s a great sign that he’s doing well at California Connections Academy.

There are projects called portfolios that require a lot more time and off-computer work. While these aren’t necessarily William’s favorite projects to do and can become points of procrastination, they represent the times when I am able to provide the most direction and assistance. The science portfolios have always been our favorite because we get to conduct experiments and prove theories.

While traditional bricks-and-mortar schools have some advantages, we found that our local school had drawbacks that made it more challenging for our son. William struggled with bullying and social pressure. He also had to move at the pace of the class, and it was difficult to pause and learn subjects at a slower rate when necessary. Connections Academy has allowed him that opportunity, and he is excelling because of it. Teachers are readily available through the internal email system, and we also connect over the phone at scheduled periods throughout the year.

William has made friends through the LiveLesson sessions and chats available to him through California Connections Academy. He keeps in touch with his friends via the internal WebMail system. He has also begun playing Xbox games outside of school with some of his classmates and is able to talk to them through his mic during the games.

William is looking into careers that involve working with computers. He excels in math and science and has plans to expand his learning into computer technology as more electives are made available to him in his high school years.”


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