Isabella Rodriguez

High School Student

Isabella Rodriguez is a high school student at California Connections Academy. She lives in Carlsbad, California, with her family, including her twin, Alfredo, who is also a Connections Academy student. Isabella’s mother shares her story below.

"We chose an online school because it fits well with our family and lifestyle. We like being able to participate in our children’s education and having the organization, flexibility, and structure California Connections Academy provides. We are able to spend more time on a subject if needed, or advance more quickly. We also feel secure knowing that our children are protected from negative outside influences, including bullying.

Isabella was interested in Connections Academy because of the independent study. She can work in her own time with a flexible schedule, but having structured classes keeps her focused and on track. She likes learning at home with her brother.

"I love California Connections Academy because I like the hard work and learning a lot. I learn next to my brother and have fun learning time at home with my family. I can also have free time, too."

— Isabella

Isabella is very opinionated and a ‘driver’ personality; she likes to be the leader. At the same time, Isabella is a sensitive, super-loving person who is also very emotional. She is a very confident and outgoing little girl. She wants to be friends with everybody; she is social, considerate of others, and always willing to help. For example, she will make cards for others, pick flowers to give to someone, and do chores around the house with a great attitude, and she is generally very kind. She loves to kiss and hug every member of her family. .

Isabella’s favorite subjects are language arts, art, and physical education. Her least favorite subject is math. She is passionate about painting, coloring, doing art projects, making sculptures with paper, and all things creative."


California Connections Academy
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