Irene Burgess

Learning Coach to Three Students

Irene Burgess of Stockton, California, was looking for a different educational experience for her three sons. Now that she has one son at California Connections Academy and two sons who has graduated, Irene says that not only is her son excited about learning and challenged by the high-quality curriculum, but he has also developed strong relationships with other students and teachers. She tells more of her story below:

“I’m Irene Burgess. I have three boys, Ethan, Duncan, and Conner. I found California Connections Academy after I had been looking for a different kind of educational experience. Brick-and-mortar schooling just didn’t challenge my children academically. My sons were bored with school—but with Connections Academy, they are able to learn in a way that excites them.

There are many reasons why we chose Connections Academy. The flexible schedule works well for our family, whether we are going out of town for a few days or just need to take a breather and relax for a bit. The assignments are always available. The LiveLesson® sessions from the teachers are also always available for my sons to watch as many times as they need.

"With Connections Academy, I am given all the tools I need to be a great Learning Coach. With all of this wonderful help, I know my boys are getting a fantastic education."

— Irene

The curriculum is wonderful and offers different ways to learn the information. I love the hands-on approach of virtual schooling. My children receive actual textbooks for their classes.

I have found that the staff is amazing. My children receive more one-on-one help at Connections Academy than they did in a traditional brick-and-mortar school. The teachers really reach out to the students through WebMail, phone calls, and LiveLesson sessions.

Having my boys in a place where they can concentrate on their studies is important to me. Disruptions, such as the lockdowns and fire drills they used to have to endure in a brick-and-mortar school, were much too distracting. The difficulty of getting proper help from their teachers, combined with rigid and inconvenient schedules, caused them a great deal of stress.

The boys have made wonderful new friends through Connections Academy, too. They get together with other students during field trips and have such a great time. My boys send WebMail messages to their friends and talk on the phone with them.

Connections Academy is wonderful. I love the convenience of our school schedule. The staff has made learning exciting and fun. With my children more relaxed and less stressed, they can concentrate on their studies. Connections Academy has definitely helped our children’s academics and family dynamics.”


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