D. Ephrem Perez

High School Student

D. Ephrem Perez is a high school student at California Connections Academy. He lives in Los Angeles with his family. The Perez family says that attending Connections Academy has restored Ephrem’s enthusiasm for learning. Ephrem’s mother shares the family’s story below.

“From early in his life, Ephrem has been a dedicated student. In elementary school, he acquired several academic recognitions, including the Presidential Award Medal from President Barack Obama, and another from a former Los Angeles Unified School District superintendent. Additionally, he has always enjoyed reading and writing, and in fifth grade he developed the idea of writing a book. In fact, he is very passionate about writing.

When Ephrem started middle school, we encountered many issues with the traditional bricks-and-mortar school. It was a very unsafe and hostile environment for any student, and he was becoming unmotivated to write. We wanted to support Ephrem and our daughter by finding a better school environment, so we searched the Internet and found several online schools and their presentations. We decided to enroll Ephrem in California Connections Academy because of its teachers’ credentials, certifications, and enrichment curriculum; it was a relief to have found this school.

"Attending California Connections Academy, I have the flexibility to organize my schedule and my time. I like having the mixture of working at home and having interaction with teachers and other students."

— Ehrem

Ephrem likes Connections Academy for the flexibility of the school; he likes that it’s a mixture of homeschool and interaction with students and teachers. He really is on task with school, without being distracted. It gives him the flexibility to organize his schedule and time. He can take classes even when he travels. Ephrem likes most of his classes, but his favorite is math, because it helps him to rest his mind from other subjects.

Recently, Ephrem published his first book with the support of his family and the Connections Academy school environment; now he is writing his second book. He definitely could not have accomplished this in a traditional school. In short, Ephrem is a dedicated achiever.

Besides schoolwork and writing, Ephrem likes music, videogames, and having pets, particularly his cats.”


D. Ephrem Perez

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