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Gail Greenspan

Gail Greenspan and her daughter

Gail Greenspan is the parent and Learning Coach to Jessica, a high school student at California Connections Academy. Gail can see a clear difference in her daughter’s approach to learning since starting online school. At Connections Academy, Jessica is able to focus on her schoolwork without outside distractions. Gail shares her family’s story below.

“We were interested in California Connections Academy because of the ability to tailor the schedule and courses to Jessica’s needs. We also wanted to eliminate the daily social drama and academic pressure from students in a bricks-and-mortar school.

As an older parent with a college degree in English and a long career, I can offer a lot of insight to help her with her English, history, and career exploration courses. Recently, when we worked on The Great Gatsby together, she was comfortable asking about phrases and idioms she didn't understand. This is something she wouldn't have done if she were in a traditional classroom because she would have been afraid of looking stupid.

Teachers provide one-on-one assistance to Jessica whenever she needs it and are easy to access. Jessica has the support and accommodations she needs to learn at her own pace. She also has flexible lessons that allow her to easily spread out her work, and to take advantage of outside activities. I can tell from my conversations with her and her growth in confidence that Jessica is really learning now. She also rarely gets frustrated with schoolwork now, compared to almost constant frustration before. Online learning removes the distracting social drama Jessica was sucked into at her previous schools. She has always been very social, and has made friends at school, church—where she takes her kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do classes, and more recently at her job. She also has connected with other Connections Academy students since she started last fall.

Jessica loves working with little kids and plans to teach or work at a daycare in the future. She has taken career exploration and career awareness courses, and is scheduled to take an early childhood education course to help her move in that direction. With these courses, she will be able to start new jobs right after graduation and continue with community college when the time is right.”

Jessica rarely gets frustrated with schoolwork now, compared to almost constant frustration before. She also has real confidence now in herself, which shows me she is really learning.
— Gail