Aguz Osadchenko

California Connections Academy parents Aguz and Alexander Osadchenko

Aguz Osadchenko is the parent and Learning Coach of two students enrolled in California Connections Academy. The Osadchenko family discovered California Connections Academy when they started thinking about homeschooling their children.

“We chose California Connections Academy because it is tuition-free and because we travel a lot,” said Aguz. “The online lessons are perfect for us. It was hard for us to travel when my children were enrolled in a traditional public school. They are used to computer-based learning. My children started taking online courses when they were three years old. Enrolling with Connections Academy wasn’t a very hard transition for them, and it gave them enough time and freedom to learn at their own pace,” she said.

“Both the kids and I love science. So whenever they are doing their science lessons, a project, or an experiment, I can definitely participate. We are learning together, instead of me just helping or coaching. I’m able to help them with a lesson that they are having a hard time understanding. It’s a very satisfying experience!

Connecting with our students’ teachers is easy. I email or text them whenever I have a question or need clarification, or even just to share something like a learning activity my children did.

My son loves karate. My daughter has gymnastics and art class. All their schedules are set in a way so that they don’t conflict with school.

My son is thinking of becoming an engineer, a geologist, or a carpenter. My daughter wants to be a doctor, a painter, and an environmentalist. California Connections Academy is helping them by giving them the ability to dive deep into subjects that interest them.”

My son was frustrated at his old school because he didn’t get the attention he needed to learn. California Connections Academy gave us the satisfaction of having him learn at his own pace and gave him the ability to dive deep into subjects that interest him.
— Aguz