Elementary School Student

Vivian is a fourth-grade student at Arkansas Connections Academy. Vivian’s family looked for alternative online school options, and since joining Connections Academy®, she has enjoyed excelling in her schoolwork. Vivian and her family share their story below:

Why We Chose Arkansas Connections Academy

“We’d seen a lot of commercials for Connections Academy, and our neighbor said she was enrolling her children, so we applied too. We were hoping it would be a good fit for Vivian, and we haven’t been disappointed,” says Vivian’s Learning Coach.

“Vivian has dysgraphia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but she’s also gifted. It was a struggle to balance her needs in the traditional school setting. We enjoy Connections Academy’s free structure, the gifted and talented classes, and the extracurricular options. Because Vivian can go faster in some subjects or activities and take more time in others, she never feels like she’s stuck. She enjoys being more in control of her education, and so do we.”

Vivian attending art class

My Online Elementary School Experience

Vivian says, “I’m really good at art and love to do the projects. I like music because I have a lot of chances to play with instruments. The science projects and sign language classes are fun. I like Ms. Fussner. She’s nice and listens to me when I talk. In my old school, I felt like my teachers didn’t listen to me as much.

“My favorite experience so far is getting to stay home and do my classes. I can concentrate better, finish my work faster, and spend time with my family.

“I love drawing and playing video games. I also love playing outside with my friends. In the daytime, I can get all my schoolwork done so that after school I have lots of time to play.”

I love Connections Academy because I can finish my work faster than in regular school.

— Vivian