Elementary Student

Peter Malakhov is an elementary school student at Arkansas Connections Academy. Arkansas Connections Academy works for Peter because he figure skates with his sister, Tatiana, supported by the Memorial Figure Skating Club of Houston. He shares his story below:

“Arkansas is our primary home, but my sister and I also live in Houston, where we train at Ice Skate Memorial City. As we advanced in skating, online school became a natural progression.

“Connecting anywhere is easy and having the option to work ahead is nice, although that backfires: Our parents always ask us to work ahead! My favorite subject is gifted and talented math. Our mom taught us math before she taught us to read.

I love Connections Academy® because I’m able to experience the world while attending school in pajamas!

— Peter

“My sister and I were previously homeschooled, but as figure skating got more involved and we got older, we wanted more interaction with other teachers, more state testing, and our parents wanted more documentation.

“I love to figure skate. I did very well this competitive season and am going to a national camp sponsored by U.S. Figure Skating. Only 36 women and 36 men in the singles category qualified across all professional levels. We love coming home to Arkansas but it’s fun to travel through competitive figure skating.”

Peter figure skating