Hailey Maloney

Learning Coach

Hailey Maloney is mother and Learning Coach to her two elementary school daughters at Arkansas Connections Academy (ARCA), and plans to send her youngest to ARCA when she’s old enough. Mrs. Maloney feels that ARCA has been a great fit for their family. Hailey shares her story below:

“My husband and I were very interested in being involved in our daughters’ education and wanted to make sure that we gave them the best opportunities available. Rather than developing or purchasing a homeschooling curriculum, we decided to look into online schools to see if that would be a better fit for our family. We researched many online schools and their curriculums but were not impressed with the parent and student reviews provided. We also reviewed samples of the schools’ curriculums and did not feel they worked well with how our kids learn. We continued our research and found that Arkansas was opening a new online charter school, Arkansas Connections Academy. We were very impressed with the reviews from other Connections Academy schools and the assistance from the staff.

An accredited curriculum was provided to our children, and they were assigned a teacher who is available throughout the year. The teachers set up individualized time with our daughters each week to help in the areas they may need assistance. There is a school office local to us, and the staff there is wonderful! You can tell they all truly care about our children. We enjoy being close enough to the office that we are able to go visit the staff and our children’s teachers..

ARCA allows us to really focus on each child’s specific needs and interests.

— Hailey

We love that the school is go at your own pace and works around our schedules. My first grader is very serious; she catches on to a lot of the schoolwork very quickly and is ready to continue on to the next lesson. My kindergartner is a fun, spirited little girl who likes to joke and play around, so sometimes lessons with her take a bit longer to complete. Sometimes we need to go over things a few times or spend an afternoon focusing on items that take a little longer to understand. If our daughters attended a traditional brick-and-mortar school, there would be times when they would not be challenged and potentially get themselves into trouble.

ARCA allows us to really focus on each child’s specific needs and interests. The best part about being directly involved in our children’s education is that we get to witness the moment when the light bulb turns on, the “aha” moment when they have been working on a subject very hard and it clicks. Currently both of our daughters have many ambitions when it comes to what they would like to be when they grow up, anything from a veterinarian to someone who helps people in need. ARCA has many opportunities that will help them meet any goals they set for themselves. Both of our daughters really enjoy science and art, so there are plenty of opportunities to add in extra crafts and science experiments. All of our daughters are in gymnastics, and the flexibility that ARCA provides makes it simple for them to be able to take gymnastics classes during the day. It is wonderful that we don’t have to rush around in the evenings, which means that we can have family time. Our flexible schedule also allows us to take the kids on playdates and to attend fun/educational outings.”

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