Christian Rao

Elementary School

Christian Rao is an elementary school student at Arkansas Connections Academy. He became interested in Arkansas Connections Academy because he wouldn’t have to be around so many people at once. Read his story below:

“Connections Academy® gives me more control over my schedule and the order of my classes. The ability to work at my own pace is really helpful. My favorite subject is science because the videos and experiments we get to do are really fun and my teachers answer my questions when I have them.

“I am very passionate about music. I have YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify channels called Bujju Music where I share it. I manage my schedule around these interests because I like to incorporate music into all of my classes and finish my work early to practice. For example, if I need to write an essay or do a science experiment, my topic can be about the guitar.

“I stay in touch with friends through YouTube collaborations and talk about shared music interests. A friend frequently comes to my YouTube livestreams, and we talk through my Discord server. We also text every day.”

Connections Academy is a million times better than my old school because my schedule is much more flexible, giving me time to practice my music.

— Christian