Morgan Smith

Kristin Alford

Morgan Smith is an English teacher at Arkansas Connections Academy (ARCA). Ms. Smith started teaching in 2013 and joined Arkansas Connections Academy in 2018. She has a bachelor of science degree in English with a teacher licensure and a history minor from the University of Arkansas–Fort Smith. Her story is below: 

“I became a teacher because throughout college I kept being reminded of what great teachers are and why involvement in student life makes a pivotal difference at any age. I was drawn to English because I loved those courses, particularly the ones that involved American literature. My choice to be a teacher was authentic because my experiences in college led me to choose a career as a lifelong educator and lifelong learner. 

One distinct benefit of online education vs. traditional education is the one-on-one interaction that students get to experience with each one of their teachers. In a brick-and-mortar classroom, the one-on-one interaction is limited by time constraints and the day-to-day dynamics of the classroom. Online school provides a much more intimate and flexible option for a student. 

Education at ARCA helps prepare students for a successful future in a way that is authentic to each learner’s goal. The student gets to manage and grow in their own learning, which allows them to value their education, which in turn makes them look for new possibilities and challenges for their future. 

If you are considering this option for your student, the best advice I can give you is to create a dialogue with a member of the ARCA team. Through that communication, I assure you, you will learn more than enough information to make an informed choice.”

Arkansas Connections Academy’s school community is endearing and receptive to everyone. They make every interaction a positive one with a commitment to their students.
— Ms. Smith