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Daniel Traylor

Daniel Traylor

Daniel Traylor is an educational technology and programming teacher at Arkansas Connections Academy (ARCA). Mr. Traylor teaches subjects including game design, web design, 3-D computer modeling, and information technology. He joined ARCA in 2018 and has been teaching since 2012. He has a bachelor of science degree in agriculture business from Arkansas Tech University. His story is below: 

“I have always loved teaching others and working with children. It’s something I grew up doing while volunteering in 4-H and other clubs. I love teaching at ARCA because I like the freedom it gives students to learn at their own pace. We can help them better than a brick-and-mortar school.

This is a school that can meet the student’s interests head-on and can adapt to new changes in technology, giving teachers the ability to reach students in new ways that weren’t possible before. ARCA teaches students how to be self-motivated and independent, as well as how to work with technology effectively.

One thing that I’d tell a prospective parent as they are making the decision to enroll at ARCA would be to take a chance. The education you can get from Connections Academy is truly one of a kind.”

In his spare time, Mr. Traylor enjoys gaming, reading, and doing things outdoors with his wife. He also enjoys watching soccer and baseball.

Everyone at ARCA cares and wants to help one another succeed.
— Mr. Traylor