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Arizona Connections Academy
Lottery Policy

Arizona Connections Academy (ACA) is committed to admitting as many K–12 students as possible within its annually set enrollment limits. Therefore, each year the school will conduct an open application period. After accounting for returning students and their siblings, if the number of enrollment applications during the annual open application period exceeds the available slots, ACA will use a publicly held random lottery to determine who can attend.

Lottery Procedure

No applicants will be enrolled during the open application period. During this period applicants who are interested in enrolling must begin and complete the enrollment process through stage two, with the exception of course placement. After accounting for returning students and their siblings, if a random lottery is needed, ACA will post the date and time of the lottery on its website Enrollment page. Attendance is not required.

The lottery will be conducted in three clusters: Grades K–5, 6–8, and 9–12. The order in which those clusters are drawn and the total number of students selected for each cluster may vary each year in consideration of the school’s overall enrollment limit, the expected number of returning students and any of their siblings who complete an enrollment application during the open application period, and/or other operational factors.

For each grade cluster, a computer program will randomly select a student name from the pool of enrollment applicants for that grade cluster until the number of available slots is filled, or the pool of enrollment applications is exhausted. As each student in a grade cluster is selected, siblings of that student who have also completed the enrollment process through stage two excluding course placement will be accepted as long as a slot in their grade cluster is available.

When all available slots have been filled, students not selected will be placed on a waiting list in the order in which they completed stage two based on the automated Connexus® waitlist time/date stamp. Waitlisted siblings of selected students will be given the first priority to enroll.

The primary caretakers of selected students will receive an email confirmation within five business days after the lottery and must confirm student attendance by a set deadline. Students without confirmed attendance by the set deadline will forfeit their slots to the next eligible students on the waiting list.

ACA will continue to accept applications after the open application period. If the school is oversubscribed these students will be placed on the waiting list in order they complete the enrollment process through stage two including course placement. These students will be allowed to enroll based on the availability of space in their grade cluster and their place on the waiting list: Students who completed first will be offered the space first after siblings.

If the school is not oversubscribed by the end of the open application period, no lottery will be held and ACA will continue to accept applications and admit eligible students in the order they completed all enrollment tasks, based on availability in their respective grade clusters. Again, once the enrollment limit has been met, students will be placed on a waitlist and allowed to enroll if space becomes available in their grade cluster.

Enrollment Preference

Enrollment preference will be given to children of board members, children of school employees, siblings of enrolled students, and students in foster care or identified as homeless under the McKinney Vento Act.