Arizona Connections Academy: Online Middle School Curriculum

With Arizona Connections Academy (ACA), your middle-school student will become increasingly independent and responsible for his or her learning. ACA's virtual school encourages online students to take more of a lead role in education, as high standards are upheld and the doors of potential and possibility begin to open.

Online Curriculum Content

The online middle school curriculum is geared toward independent learning. However, students actively participate in teacher-led virtual instruction and reviews via LiveLessonⓇ session. Not only does this tool provide specific instructional assistance, but it also provides critical opportunities for working with peers.

Additionally, gifted students have access to advanced, high-school level, and Advanced PlacementⓇ* courses, subject to their counselor's approval.

Learn more about ACA's online classes by viewing sample lessons and the list of academic partners.

Online Electives and Activities

As important as core curriculum is to the education and growth of your student, Arizona Connections Academy believes that an exposure to many different subjects and activities will enhance, enlighten, and encourage lifelong learning.

ACA's online middle school clubs and activities include a wide range of interests from art and world languages to theater and sports.

Teachers, Learning Coaches, and Counselors

Even though Arizona Connections Academy is a virtual middle school, your student will still receive one-on-one attention and guidance with coursework. Subject area teachers lead virtual instruction and review sessions, learning coaches take on a supportive role, and counselors guide your student's progress.

* AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.

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