Young boy wearing headphones while on a laptop

Virtual School Technology at Its Best

If you are looking for a quality public education, the possibilities are endless when it comes to online learning. Arizona Connections Academy (ACA) offers online learning technology you can do from home. Our virtual school technology also broadens the definition of the "classroom" to include just about anywhere with an Internet connection!

Educational Experiences Like Never Before

At ACA, we feel educational technology is best put to use when it makes learning more relatable for your child, as well as meaningful and fun. We have developed engaging virtual tools and resources of our own to help create the best educational experiences for your child.

Our advanced virtual school technology program offers students a quality public education from the comfort of home or any other location with Internet access. We have exclusive and interactive web tools, online lesson plans and accompanying instruction, an internal email system, totally secure community message boards, and so much more! At Arizona Connections Academy, we work to:

  • Create a virtual classroom experience that allows teachers and students to work together in a fully supportive environment.
  • Connect students, teachers, and the Connections Academy community to one another as a whole.
  • Guide our students through a demanding curriculum that meets our state's requirements as well as each individual students learning needs.

Connexus®—Home Base

At Connections Academy, Connexus is our online engine that makes learning at home possible. Whether you are at home or anywhere else the Internet is accessible, our user-friendly online education management system is able to connect students with their teachers, lessons, and a wide variety of other educational resources.

Check out a few of the ways Connections Academy brings the classroom to you!

  • Learn how you'll use Connexus.
  • Choose online sample lessons from our extensive list to see just how our technology engages students in learning. You can select sample lessons for elementary school, middle school, or high school.
  • Experience Arizona Connections Academy's LiveLesson® sessions—live class instruction that is lead online.