Meet Arizona Connections Academy’s School Leader

Kerri Wright, Principal

Kerri Wright

As principal of Arizona Connections Academy, it is my hope to create a nurturing learning environment that speaks for itself. I believe good leadership is inclusive and collaborative, and my main goal is to help each of our students shine through the support of talented teachers and staff.

I entered the world of teaching because I wanted to help others. My background includes growing up in a large family with many siblings who were adopted. My older sister is from Colombia and I remember watching her struggle in school due to her previous lack of education as well as a language barrier. Seeing her struggle is ultimately where my desire to be a changemaker began.

In 1997, I started teaching within Phoenix’s Roosevelt School District. I have since spent the majority of my career helping students who have struggled with various challenges. During my tenure as assistant principal for Casa Grande Union High School, I decided to explore alternative options in education. I knew there had to be a better way. My excitement was tenfold when I discovered that ACA was a comprehensive K-12 online public school. I joined ACA in 2010 as the school’s assistant principal and have continued to be energized by the endless possibilities for our students' futures.


  • EdD in innovations in leadership and policy, Arizona State University, West
  • MAEd in administration and supervision, University of Phoenix, Phoenix
  • MEd in elementary education, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff
  • BA in elementary education with English as a second language endorsement, Arizona State University, Tempe