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Sunitha Cheruvu

Sunitha Cheruvu

Sunitha Cheruvu is the mother of Ria, a highly gifted graduate of Arizona Connections Academy (ACA). Ria, who is only 11 years old, was accepted to Harvard University. Because of her young age, Sunitha is joining Ria at college. Sunitha is thankful that her daughter was able to further develop her talents through ACA’s engaging and interactive gifted courses. Sunitha shares her family’s story below.

'Our daughter, Ria Cheruvu, is a genius-level, profoundly gifted child. She has a phenomenal memory and is highly advanced, multilingual, and multitalented for her age. She is also an actress with two potential upcoming Hollywood movies. Our family selected ACA because the curriculum met Ria’s intellectual needs, and the flexible schedule could accommodate her acting career.

I enjoyed being a Learning Coach at Connections Academy because I was able to participate in my daughter’s education. The education management system allowed me to tailor the week’s schoolwork based on my daughter’s busy schedule, so Rita learned in her own unique way and her own pace. I loved the one-on-one setting with opportunities to go more in-depth on certain topics. The curriculum and textbooks provided by ACA are superior to those of other gifted curriculums. The courses are also more interesting and fun because ACA provides many resources such as BrainPOP®, Discovery Education™ streaming, and Teachlet® tutorials. These resources not only guide students, but also help the Learning Coaches to further understand the topics through a rich multimedia experience.

I take immense pride in Ria being an ACA graduate. I feel blessed to have been a part of ACA, as it enabled me to coach Ria as she realized her dreams. I sincerely appreciate all the exceptional support from the ACA teachers and staff who were extremely enthusiastic and eager to help.'

Sunitha earned a master’s degree in management information systems and is certified in Montessori education. She volunteers for the Make a Wish Foundation and other organizations internationally. Sunitha was also nominated for an ATHENA Leadership Award in 2011.

I enjoyed being a Learning Coach at Connections Academy because I could participate in my daughter’s education, and she was able to learn in her own unique way and at her own pace.
— Sunitha