Art Clubs

A girl making a bead necklace by the window

Art Club

Art Club sparks students’ creativity by exploring two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, photography, and graphic design. Students are exposed to the nuances of each medium and have the opportunity to create and share their own creative designs. This club features LiveLesson® sessions during which students share artwork with peers and provide feedback on the artwork of other students. This online school Art Club is available to students in grades 6–12.

Arts and Crafts Club

Arts and Crafts Club is a fun way for students to learn about making household objects into works of art. The activities are easy, thought-provoking, and educational. Crafts explore themes such as culture, science, and math. Through these crafts, students learn background information about each of the themes. Upon completion of an activity, students are encouraged to share their artwork with their peers, friends, and family. All of the activities in our online school Arts and Crafts Club are optional, so students choose the lessons they would like to complete. Arts and Crafts Club is available to students in grades K–8.

Broadcast and Theater Arts Club

Students in our online school Broadcast and Theater Arts Club learn about choreography, tech crew, and set design for on- and off-Broadway productions. Working both individually and collaboratively, students are encouraged to write their own plays. Students also learn about the history and trends in broadcast media, exploring the print, audio, and video mediums. LiveLesson sessions provide opportunities for students to share their theatrical talents as well as segments similar to those on television news magazines. Broadcast and Theater Arts Club is open to students in grades 6–12.

Movie Club

Members learn about film genres, acting, special effects, and musical compositions centered around monthly themes. Student film buffs gain opportunities to demonstrate their creativity and collaborate with others to create their own movies as part of a virtual showcase. Students in grades K–12 are able to participate in Movie Club.

Music Club

Students who enjoy performing, composing, or listening to music explore various musical genres, lyrics, and instruments. Members have opportunities to collaborate with others and exercise their creativity by designing their own musical instruments or participating in a virtual showcase and talent show. Music Club is available for students in all grades levels.