Charlotte Naser

Charlotte Naser wins second place at dance competition

Reach Cyber Charter School (Reach Cyber) student Charlotte Naser had the benefit of insight before starting with the school in 2017. Her sister was already a Reach Cyber student, and Charlotte wanted to have the same flexibility and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) classes that her sister had.

“My parents asked me if I wanted to attend Reach Cyber too,” said Charlotte. “I asked if I could stay in my pajamas if we were cyber schooled, and when they said yes, I decided to also go.”

Charlotte is into Irish dance competitions, called feiseannas, and likes that she can both study and fit this passion into her days. “I take dance lessons in the evenings and those count toward my physical education class. When I go to competitions, that also counts for P.E. I sometimes work in the hotel or in the car on my schoolwork so that I am not behind, but I can do school wherever there is WiFi. I take a lot of dance breaks during the school day. I’ll take 10–20 minutes to work on my dances between my lessons.

“I would not be able to take as many dance breaks or days off to go to competitions. If I were in a brick-and-mortar school, I would not be able to leave as early so I would get to competitions later and be very tired. In the next year, I want to be an open championship–level Irish dancer.” The flexibility of online school is helping Charlotte reach her dance goals and her goal of becoming an astronaut.

And Reach Cyber makes learning fun while she’s getting a solid education. “I think I’ll be able to go to a good college and work at NASA one day,” she said. “There’s a lot of STEM-focused courses and clubs. I want to be an astronaut so they will help me a lot. I’ve made friends at school that I get to see in LiveLesson® sessions. We WebMail each other, and we see each other on field trips.”

““I think I’ll be able to go to a good college and work at NASA one day.” – — Charlotte, Reach Student