Wisconsin Connections Academy Enrollment Checklist

We are so pleased that you are considering Connections Academy's award winning online school as part of your child’s educational future. Once you have your documents ready, online school enrollment in Wisconsin is easy and takes only a short time to complete. You must first create an account in Connexus®, our education management system, or log in to your existing account to submit your documents.

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Get Prepared for Enrollment

Thank you for considering Wisconsin Connections Academy. Because Connections Academy is a public school, parents must submit state-required information and documentation for each student being enrolled.

Use the Enrollment Checklist below to gather the necessary documents that will be needed as part of the enrollment process. We have provided a list of documents that are accepted in your state and we have also provided information that may assist you in accessing any documentation you may not have in your possession.

Do you have everything you need to enroll? In order to make your enrollment as smooth and simple as possible, it helps to gather some information first. Use our helpful checklist to make sure you are ready.

You can begin the enrollment process by creating an account in Connexus (or by logging into your existing account) to submit your enrollment documents. After you have created an account in Connexus, your enrollment process has begun and an enrollment package will be mailed to you at your home address. In addition to the hard copy mailed to you, the enrollment package may be downloaded from your Connexus homepage. Make sure that you log into Connexus to track both the submission of your documents and the verification process.

What Documents to Have Ready

Please have the following documents available and ready to upload to Connexus:

Required Documents

The documents below are required for enrollment in Wisconsin Connections Academy. Please submit or transfer information from the following:

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Date of Birth Affidavit

A copy of the Date of Birth Affidavit must be provided for every student to verify age eligibility. This form can be found on Connexus and is a part of your enrollment documents. To avoid unnecessary delays, complete this online document along with your enrollment documents.

  • Date of Birth Affidavit provided by Wisconsin Connections Academy–notarized by a Notary Public

This form must be signed by the parent or legal guardian and notarized by a notary public.

As a reminder, the age eligibility is as follows:

  • Kindergarten: Any student enrolling in kindergarten must be five (5) years old on or before September 1 to be eligible for enrollment in Wisconsin Connections Academy.
  • First Grade: Any student enrolling in first grade must be six (6) years old on or before September 1 to be eligible for enrollment in Wisconsin Connections Academy.


For details, contact the school principal, Michelle Mueller, at mmueller@connectionseducation.com or 920-832-4800.

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Proof of Residence (1 form)

After the open enrollment deadline, only students who reside in the boundaries of the Appleton Area School District (AASD) are able to enroll. However, students who live outside the Appleton Area School District who missed the open enrollment period may be able to apply by filling out the PI-9421 form. For details about enrolling as an AASD resident or outside of the open enrollment period, contact the school principal, Michelle Mueller, at mmueller@connectionseducation.com or 920-993-7076.

Not Sure What is Accepted as Proof?

  • Utility Bill
    Acceptable Documents Include: gas, electric, or water bill that is dated within 60 days of the enrollment date and includes your name and service address.
  • Mortgage statement or lease agreement (including Section 8 agreement)
  • Bank statement (dated within 60 days)
  • Driver's license/state ID

Important Documents

Academic Records icon

Prior Academic Records

All students who have previously attended public school, private school, or homeschool are eligible to enroll and will be requested to submit academic records for placement. Note: Prior to completing the enrollment process, all Wisconsin Connections Academy families should expect to speak with Academic Placement Services to discuss their student's course placement.

  • Report Card
    For students applying for Kindergarten-ninth grade: Please submit a copy of the report card from the most recent school year.
  • Unofficial Transcript
    For students applying for 10th–12th grade: Submit an unofficial transcript that includes the complete end-of-year grades from the prior school year and any academic documentation (such as a progress report/interim report, class schedule, or marking period/semester report card) issued for the prior school year. Additional documentation may be requested for placement.

The following items should be included on the unofficial transcript:

  • Student Name
  • Grade Level
  • School Year (example: 2014–15)
  • School Name
  • Grading Scale (Example: 90–100%=A)
  • Credits Earned
Not Sure How to Get Your Child’s Report Card or Transcript?

  • Contact your student's previous school and request the document, providing them with the information outlined above, OR contact your school's district office with the request.

If after attempting these steps you still cannot obtain your student's report card or transcript, please contact the Academic Placement Services Team at 800-382-6010 to discuss acceptable alternatives.

Have Your Child(ren) Been Formerly Homeschooled?

If your children are currently homeschooled, please complete one of the two documents below. These documents will be available to you in Connexus.

  • High School Homeschool Credit Form
    For homeschooled students in ninth–12th grade: Complete the High School Homeschool Credit Form indicating any high school level courses completed through a homeschool curriculum.

Other Documents for Special Circumstances

Though not applicable to all families, please submit the documentation requested if the information below is specific to your student.

Other Documents icon

Other Documentation

You may need to provide additional documentation if any of the following circumstances apply:

  • Custody order: If your legal guardianship is determined by a court order, please submit a copy of the order.
  • Gifted documentation: If you are requesting any Gifted and Talented programs, it is recommended that you submit a Gifted Evaluation or Designation Letter from your student's former school, standardized test scores, or other documentation indicating gifted-study potential. Also, please have your student complete the appropriate placement tests which can be found on your Caretaker Homepage in the Documents and Forms section.
  • Special Education Documentation: If your student has had an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) within the past three years, please submit the following documents:
    • IEP Documentation: Please submit a copy of the most recent IEP from within the last year.
    • Supporting Evaluation Documentation: Please submit a copy of the most recent Evaluation Report.
  • Additional Special Education Documentation:
    • IEP Exit Documentation: If your student has been formally exited from special education services, please submit a copy of the formal exit documentation.
    • 504 Plan: If your student has had a 504 Plan within the past three years, please submit a copy of this document.

Ready to Enroll?

Once you have all of the required documentation (outlined above), you are ready to proceed with enrollment in Wisconsin Connections Academy.

Problems or Questions?

If you have any concerns or questions about how to enroll or use our Wisconsin virtual school enrollment checklist, our Enrollment Team is here to help. Please call us at 800-382-6010.

Wisconsin Connections Academy admits students and conducts all educational programs, activities, and employment practices without discrimination on the basis of sex, race, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, creed, sexual orientation, disability, or any other legally protected classification.